Thanks to TVXQ, JYJ, etc., these seniors who have helped us paved the way well before we came to Japan, so we are able to have concert in Tokyo Dome. Thanks to the activities of these seniors, 2PM is able to carry out our activities in Japan easily and even to be able to open a concert in Tokyo Dome. I want to share this honor together with the seniors. I must say this.

MinJun (Junsu) of 2PM Minjun on being able to performing at Tokyo Dome at their Press Conference on April 22, 2013.

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Chonny’s TOP 5 KPOP (sexy) male groups

Making it on the list is DBSK

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TOP 25 Daum fancafe ranking as of December 2011

1. TVXQ (725,503) -2544
2. Big Bang (338,538) -1728
3. SNSD (295,519) +349
4. B2ST (231,597) +3316
5. SS501 (230,510) -737
6. Super Junior (212,202) -1311
7. 2PM (184,108) -1590
8. SHINee (121,431) -743
9. Wonder Girls (99,205) +1941
10. FT Island (97,680) -104
11. 2NE1 (95,703) -673
12. MBLAQ (84,397) -200
13. f(x) (66,883) -234
14. INFINITE (64,418) +8268
15. SG Wannabe (60,570) -274
16. 2AM (55,255) -746
17. KARA (54,976) -155
18. B1A4 (51,546) +7537
19. Epik High (48,945) -175
20. Brown Eyed Girls (43,641) +20
21. CSJH (39,536) -204
22. CN BLUE (39,162) -22
23. SeeYa (36,924) -190
24. TEEN TOP (36,506) +420
25. 4minute (32,182) -121

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We’re Having a Cyber Monday Sale!


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Updated list of artists at free KBS concert in NY

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T-Shirt Sale!


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Top 10 idols best at playing piano

3:SUPER JUNIOR(Ryeowook)

5:2pm (Nickhun)
6:BIG BANG(Taeyang)

9:BEAST(yeoseob & doojoon)
10:SUPER JUNIOR(Heechul)

credit: shineebar+ningin
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No Yoochun? Your argument is invalid.

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Our online store is now OPEN!


Asymmetry Apparel is now open!
Our shipping is currently available to US &Canada for $2.50, and each shirt is still $14 each. Merchandise will be sent out every Saturday morning. Check back on your Ecwid account to view the status of your orders! We accept PayPal and credit cards. We’re not accepting money orders currently, but once we do we’ll let you know.

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We’re selling at Anime Expo 2011!


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Our shirts will be located in the Artist Alley in Row E8 for only $14 each. But keep in mind that these shirts will only be available in limited quantity on Friday, July 1st and Saturday, July 2nd. After that, whatever’s left will be taken from the table and you’ll have to buy them online [which means you have to pay extra for shipping & handling].

Online sales will only begin after the Expo, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity! And while you’re at it, just stop by the Artist Alley to check out all of the amazing artists there. Our shirts will be located at a table of a friend who has lots of prints, bookmarks, and keychains containing characters from hits like Ao No Excorcist, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and many more!

Thanks for all the interest and support thus far, and we hope to see you there!

Please support Asymmetry Apparel! :) One of the owners made Regina/my Fuckyeahtohoshinki shirt so it’ll definitely be good quality! ^^ - Lucy

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SHINee & 2PM shirts for sale!


We have three available sizes (S, M, L) for all four shirts, and prices are $14 USD +Shipping&Handling each. We can ship anywhere in the U.S. (including Alaska &Hawaii) as well as Canada ONLY.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but will let you guys know when we can ship internationally.

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Lotte Duty Free - So I’m Loving You

~ Singers : 
Hyun Bin, JYJ, 2PM, Big Bang, Jang Geun Suk, Kim Hyun Joong and more

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It`s a KPOP thing. :)



  • when math doesn’t make sense anymore. 7-1=0, 5-1=0 
  • to know the correct answer to the question, “What time is it now?”
  • to learn the Korean language solely from music and dramas
  • when you start comparing every guy’s body to either Taeyang’s or Jaebeom’s.
  • to make it your life mission to see TOP shirtless
  • to want to be older, just for Taemin.
  • to believe that Rain is the person who actually makes it rain
  • to love Korean cellphones better than American phones
  • to refer to your favorite idol as your husband/wife
  • to enjoy fan service provided from “couples” within a group
  • to randomly break into “ssanti” dances for boy bands
  • to be loved for boy bands to have straight guys
  • to dress up as girls
  • to know every single name of a group with an outrageous number of people
  • when bad news about your bias makes you want to shoot something
  • when you start pronouncing LEADER as LEADJA
  • when you star spelling SHINY as SHINEE
  • when your grammar becomes so horrible, you say, “WHERE U AT?!”
  • when you want “Wedding Dress” to be the song you walk down the aisle to
  • when BIG BANG is not a theory or a TV show
  • to get everyone dried mangoes for Christmas
  • when you have no idea what’s going on in Hollywood
  • when you think Edward Cullen has nothing on Jaejoong
  • everyone knows your ideal type of boyfriend/girlfriend to be Korean
  • for your family to look at you funny when you laugh at the computer
  • to think that Seung Ri is cuter than Justin Bieber.
  • to spam tweet anything that’s Korean when you want
  • to move to Seattle
  • for girls to be good at rapping for idols
  • to be eccentric and different for colored skinny jeans to look amazing on guys
  • when you try to start a flash mob
  • when you go from wanting to travel to Hawaii to South Korea
  • when your phone goes RING DING DONG whenever you receive a call
  • when you have a folder on your computer specifically for your favorite artist

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Still relevant. 8)

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The movie “GLove” has gained attention for referencing DBSK and 2PM, two groups who have undergone group conflicts. Korean director Kang Wooseok held a preview screening on January 10th and mentioned the two idol groups in the script.

Based on a true story, “GLove” follows the journey of a baseball team composed of hearing-impaired members. Kim Sangnam (Jeong Jaeyeong), a hot-tempered former professional baseball player, is transferred “to the countryside to teach the team in order to avoid media coverage of his recent involvement in an assault case.” After spending time with the members, he begins to believe that the boys can play the game. The movie shows how Kim and the team overcome their communication barrier to play baseball.

In one scene, Kim is seen asking his team of ten members, “How can we play baseball with ten players?” The manager (Jo Jinwoong) adds, “We have five more people than TVXQ. If we had three more people, we could make 2PM as well.”

"GLove" will be released in Korea on January 20th. What do you think of the movie’s references?

Source: hancinematohosomnia, and hankooki

;w; Awww, I’m glad he mentioned DB5K. <3

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A fanblog dedicated to the five rising gods of the east: Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu, & Changmin. This is mainly a news blog for helping fans on tumblr keep up to date through their dashes.

This was created as an OT5 blog, it still is & will always be one.

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