[NEWS] 121130 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Says, “This Was A Battle Against SM, Not TVXQ”

JYJ’s Kim Junsu recently opened up about his group’s exclusive contract nullification lawsuit.

Kim Junsu met with reporters on the 29th at a hotel in Essen, Germany and when asked about the possibilities of TVXQ getting back together now that JYJ’s lawsuit with their former agency SM Entertainment has ended after three years and four months, he stated, “I lament the fact that I’m not able to introduce myself as a member of TVXQ.” Though it wasn’t a direct answer, it seems as though even he sees the chances of TVXQ getting back together again to be low.

Kim Junsu stated, “I, too, find this situation to be unfortunate because I entered the entertainment industry and started out as a singer through TVXQ,” and “Though the situation is unfortunate and regrettable, the title of ‘TVXQ’ will always remain in my heart and I believe that other people, and not only myself, will remember and never forget the five years that I performed as a member of TVXQ.”

He continued to add, “Nothing will ever be as memorable and fill me with joy than if I could stand on stage again as ‘TVXQ’ one day.”

Kim Junsu didn’t hide his affection for TVXQ as he said, “We were fighting a battle against our company (SM Entertainment) and their unlawful practices; it wasn’t that we wanted to throw away our title of ‘TVXQ’ or leave ‘TVXQ’.”

He feels the same way about the name that introduced him to the world, ‘Xiah’. Kim Junsu stated, “When I perform in musicals, I use my real name of Kim Junsu. Regardless of what name I use, I give people my all to repay them for remembering me and coming to see me. But I started out as ‘Xiah’ and I would like to keep performing under that name as a singer.”

Though Kim Junsu made his debut and became famous as TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu, he has no longer been able to use that stage name since beginning his lawsuit against SM Entertainment.

When he released his first solo album in May, he released it under the name ‘XIA’, which was his name ‘XIAH’ from his TVXQ days without an ‘H’.

Source: [star mk]

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