140728 Yoochun - “Sea Fog” Media Screening Preview

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140728 Yoochun - “Sea Fog” Media Screening Preview

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140728 Yoochun - “Sea Fog” Media Screening Preview

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140728 Yoochun - “Sea Fog” Media Screening Preview

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140728 Yoochun - “Sea Fog” Media Screening Preview

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140729 - Triangle’s Gang Junyeong shares a photo with Kim Jaejoong


JYJ3’s Note: Gang Junyeong (most know as Junho in Ttriangle) shared a photo and left a message in Triangle DC Gallery

A squid is stuck to Executive Heo…

I wanted to take a picture with Jangsoo, Yeongdal and Jerry hyungs after this one, but I burs red into tears, and ran out of there. Shorry hyung (Jerry) hugged me. Jaejoong hyueong waved at me for a longtime and yelled, Junho-ya, you did really well. Shin Seunghwan hyeong texted me too. I’m so thankful to all the staff and actors but especially these three hyeongs and Chan hyung. I won’t be able to forget them. I need to stop here or else I will get emotional again… Please watch the last episode tonight! …

Sincerely, Junho who can no longer be Junho anymore, Gang Junyeong

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140730 - Junsu twitter update

  • I’m in a daze..Hwaiting! 4 performances in a row starts from today. Hahahahahahahaha;;;;;;;; 

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Anonymous: Jaejoong is handsome but he has a lot of earrings

How do earrings have anything to do with that man, named Jaejoong, being handsome?

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140729 - BTS of “Just Us” Photoshoot

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Anonymous: do you know where i can purchase jyj's album? i live in the US so somewhere that ships internationally would be great. thanks!!

I posted this a week ago sometime. So the preorder freebie options are no longer available.

[le post]

I think most if not all of the international kpop merchandise sites that are in English - sell to the US. Shipping rates & product prices do vary - sometimes significantly.

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140730 - Yoochun Talks About Upcoming Military Enlistment and How JYJ Considered Enlisting Together as a Group

JYJ’s Park Yoochun, who will soon be making his big screen debut through “Sea Fog,” recently sat down for an interview with Star News on July 30 to discuss his very first film, as well as his thoughts on his upcoming military enlistment.

The new film, “Sea Fog,” is receiving attention, as it will be Yoochun’s final project before entering his military service. The JYJ member expressed, “If I could, I would like to do one more project before going. But that’s not something I can simply jump into because I want to—the timing has to be right.”

For now, Yoochun is expected to leave for service within this year. However, he carefully shared his wish to enlist next year, if possible.

He continued, “It would be great if I could do another project before going. But on the other hand, it’s also a good thought to go to the military soon and comfortably return to acting when I get back. I’m anticipating that the range in which I can act will widen when I come back from the military.”

Yoochun also talked about the enlistment of the other JYJ members, Jaejoong and Junsu: “At first, we thought about enlisting together, but we decided that’s not what we wanted to do. It seemed like a good idea, but after thinking about it, we decided that it would be better to do individual activities while each of us go separately.”

Meanwhile, Yoochun will be starring alongside actors Kim Yoon SukLee Hee JunMoon Sung GeunKim Sang Ho, and more in “Sea Fog,” which is set to premiere on August 13!    

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140729 - CJES Official Site Update: Information about JYJ’s 2014 Asia Tour Concert in Vietnam

JYJ will be launching into their full-scale Asia Tour starting with their concert at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on August 9. This is the information guide for the concert in Vietnam to be held on August 30.

<JYJ Asia Tour Ho Chi Minh Concert Information>
* Date : 2014. 8. 30. Sat. 8:00 p.m.
* Venue : Quan Khu 7 Stadium, Ho Chi Minh City
* Ticket reservation : http://ticketbox.vn/event/jyj2014
* Ticket reservation starts 8 p.m. on July 28th, 2014. (ICT)

* In addition, as shown in attached picture, it is illegal to sell and buy tickets in other places except the announced on/off-line distributors or through C-JeS official homepage and official Facebook, and because of this, we are requesting that beware of it so to be out of harm’s way.

Source: CJES

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140729 - Kim Yunseok mentions Yoochun in his interview.

In order to maintain the outlook of a sailor, there was only one way. We followed the living pattern of a real sailor. We had dinner accompanied by alcohol. But what was worse, we lay out at the quayside and drank alcohol. At that time, it was just sailor Park Yoochun. Park Yoochun who drank together with us gained weight and became plump. So, not long ago in Busan when we went to the stage greeting together I said this to him, “So this is how you originally look like?”

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Translation: yochwennie

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