141005 - Yoochun: 2014 Gangnam Hallyu Festival

  • *There are more pics on JYJ3.*

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141020 - TVXQ Official Facebook Update

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141019 - Junsu twitter updates

  • Top 4: Huh.. Hansolie is screaming out loud.
  • Text tweet 1: I am tweeting and taking pictures even though zombies are approaching me. I’m proud (of myself) hahahaha
  • Text tweet 2: When we get off the tram, looking in a lighted place, I see women who are still crying hard haha.. Everybody has black tears (T/N: he means their mascara runs so instead of clear tears, it seems like your tears are black coz of mascara)
  • Row 6: We’ve been waiting in line for about an hour to get on this ride. I think this is the first time since debut (that I had to wait in line). My legs are aching from fatigue. But Youngpil hyung’s face who has been complaining (about being tired) is scarier than ghosts and monsters..
  • Row 7: So dizzy that he can’t even open his eyes Marine troop #975’s Im Youngpil..

Source: 1215thexiahtic [One + Two + Three + Four + Five]
Translation: rubypurple_fan [One + Two + Three + Four] + tohosomnia [One + Two]
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Sea Fog stills

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141019 - Jaejoong, opened the picture of his driver’s license “clear-cut features without humiliation”

The member of JYJ Jaejoong opened his driver’s license.

On 18th morning Kim Jaejoong posted a picture to his Instagram, with the mention “Chungnam, class 2 license…” The picture is his driver’s license, and it shows his clear-cut features.

Netizens who saw it reacted, “I should put away my license” “Certainly entertainers are different” and “Kim Jaejoong he is definitely handsome!” and “I am curious about other members’ license.”

Meanwhile JYJ is concentrating on preparing Japanese single album and Dome Tour.

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141019 - Junsu twitter updates

  • Row 1: Comfortable to be home after a long time..heh 
  • Row 2: It’s my favourite haunted house.. For a month during Halloween, this whole place becomes a home for ghosts. It’s so good. As soon as you go through the entrance, someone holding a chainsaw will jump up and surprise you. But not one of these things scare me.. Besides, this is just in front of the entrance.. 
  • Row 3A: Operating the whole amusement park with the all the lights turned off is such a novel (idea). A female foreigner next to me grabbed my shoulder tightly when she heard the sound of the chainsaws. The place is also shrouded in smog. It’s really enormous. I’m so excited right now heuheu
  • Row 3B: Coming after Dracula ended..well..Hansol proudly walked up to me and suddenly pulled me forward in the middle (of the road). I must’ve looked strong..since he eventually sat back down..ㅋThis would be called incredibly weak hahahaha;;;;;
  • Row 4: While standing in line, a witch came to bother me this time. Although this is quite embarrassing, I’ve been watching horror movies alone ever since I was little and I’ve been a member of horror sites since I was in elementary school. This is it right now.
  • Row 6: Now it’s the Walking Dead tram ride.. 100 people rode the tram for about 5 mins and were brought to a secluded place. The zombies are everywhere
  • Row 7: Going crazy…;; There are more zombies than people..

Source: 1215thexiahtic [One + Two + Three + Four + Five + Six + Seven +Eight]
Translation: Shinkipeia [One + Two] + tohosomnia [One + Two + Three + Four] + rubypurple_fan [One + Two + Three]
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141019 - Junsu twitter update

  • Clowns.

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141020 - Jaejoong to be featured in Japanese Magazine “AERA“ (Nov. 3rd Issue)

  • Jaejoong’s interview will be on the next issue of AERA (2014/11/3)
  • Release Date: October 27th
  • Buy it on Amazon
  • Note: AERA is a weekly magazine published by Asahi Shinbun, one of Japan’s national newspapers.

Source: emiJ2145

Info/Trans: rubypurple_fan + babymickysky

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141020 - Japan’s DATV Twitter Update: Poster of Jaejoong in Shin Okubo

  • First broadcast of Triangle will be on Oct 26, Sunday at 10 PM JST. We put up a poster in Shin Okubo, please try to look for it!

Source: DATVjp

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141020 - KBS News reports about JYJ’s upcoming Japan Dome Tour “Ichigo Ichie”

Source: KBS News via mogo yuchun

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141020 - JYJ Official Facebook Update: ‘Triangle’ starring Jaejoong to air on DATV

  • <Triangle>, starring Kim Jaejoong, will have its first broadcast on Japan’s DATV channel, at 10 pm KST on October 26th (Sun)! Episode 1 is expected to formally broadcast from November 2nd, with a special compilation, please pay a lot of attention to it and give it a lot of support^^
  • (Photo: I Want to Know More! Korea TV Drama [韓国TVドラマ] vol.63)

Source: JYJ Official FB

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141019 - Yunho at Incheon Airport

  • More pictures over on DBSKNights.

Sources: SIKA + clover + PP + As tagged

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141019 Junsu - John Egg instagram update: Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood

  • Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights. #veryscary #veryfun #horrornights #jyj #KimJunsu #XIAJunsu #terrifying #emmo-yah #Boo

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Tohoshinki - Time Works Wonders (Sand Art Ver.)

Source: avex network

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141019 - Yunho at Incheon Airport

  • More pictures over on DBSKNights.

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